Frequently Asked Questions

Instrument Related Questions

Yes, we accept trade-ins on all stringed instruments purchased from us. The amount of the credit depends on the condition of the instrument when traded in but can be up to 50% of the original cost of the instrument. If shipping is required, you are responsible for shipping the trade-in instrument to us for credit.

Lease-to-Own Questions

Absolutely, the Instrument Place makes it a priority to provide our customers with options to accommodate the growth of young players and ensure the ability to try a completely different instruments once during your 12 month lease period! We simply re-apply what you have already paid and recalculate and adjust your monthly payment amount if it is for a differently priced instrument. As with any Lease-to-Own plan, you are guaranteed a new instrument if you decide to make a switch!

Yes! Each of our lease-to-own plans ensure a brand new instrument, individually quality checked at the Instrument Place workshop.

The Instrument Place will never charge any interest or readjust your initial rates (unless you request a complimentary switch to a more expensive instrument).

Yes, if we are unable to obtain payment any given month then an additional $15 late fee is applied.

Never! We divide our regular low purchase price by 12 with no interest or price inflation- every time.

We do not, once your last payment is completed, the damage protection provided by the Instrument Place ceases on your instrument. However, another feasible option is to add your musical instrument to your homeowner's insurance or renter's insurance policy!

Yes! The Instrument Place offers an optional, monthly damage protection for a small added monthly fee.

Strings are not covered by the Instrument Place damage protection plan, so any broken strings are the responsibility of the owner to replace.

Yes, every Lease-to-Own instrument ships with a limited time warranty.

Yes, if you placed your order prior to your first music class, we will deliver your instrument to your school at the first class FREE OF CHARGE.

The lease-to-own plan requires NO application or deposit! Upon beginning one a LtO plan with the Instrument Place, you will receive a brand-new, individually quality checked instrument of your choice. The plan consists of ONLY 12 low monthly payments and a small one-time fee at the time of purchase. There is absolutely no price inflation or interest charged on any plan. Also, payments are automatically deducted each month, so you can be worry free about missing any installments. The Instrument Place also offers optional damage protection and will deliver for FREE to your school at the first class!

If you have purchased our damage protection plan, we will repair the instrument free of charge as long as the kind of damage is covered! If you do not have a damage protection plan we will repair the instrument, but you would be responsible for paying for any necessary repairs.

You can cancel your Lease-to-Own agreement at any time with no further obligation to complete the payments by returning the instrument to us in new condition!

No, the Lease-to-Own plan can be purchased without any credit check or application! Simply pick your instrument, enter some basic payment and shipping information and you are set to begin playing!

Sales tax is only charged to CA residents.

Rental Questions

Each of our rental instruments are 'pre-played.' However, the Instrument Place guarantee's like-new condition and each instrument is individually quality checked by hand and maintained to sound impeccable, look amazing and play easily!

As we retain ownership of rental instruments, if there is any problem with your instrument we will either repair or replace it immediately!

Yes, if you placed your order prior to your first music class, we will deliver your instrument to your school at the first class FREE OF CHARGE.

Yes, you can exchange your instrument for a different size or even a different instrument during your rental period. If the second instrument is more expensive then there would be an additional rental fee due.

The Instrument Place offers a unique School Term Rate which covers the entire duration of your school's individual yearly music program. We also offer FREE delivery to your school at the first class of the term. The rental plan is an affordable one-time payment, with no deposit required. Rental instruments are not brand specific and we offer FREE pickup at the end of the season after your school rental. We also offer a special summer rental program if you wish to keep your instrument for longer!

The Instrument Place understands that our customers may want to cancel or change their rental, if you change your mind you can trade in your instrument for a completely different instrument or return it altogether. Refunds are based on when you return the instrument!

Only CA residents are charged sales tax.

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