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Yamaha YFL-222 Upgraded Student Flute

Yamaha YFL-222 Upgraded Student Flute

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Yamaha Upgraded Student Flutes have become a favorite among teachers because of the open sound and easy playability. The headjoint, body and footjoint are made of durable nickel- silver. Neoprene bumpers increase durability and achieve a maximum fit against the body. Recent improvements include a stronger post design to prevent bending of the posts, easily accessible adjustment screws, an improved adjustment screw material and body markings for proper positioning of the footjoint.

Featuring the same high-grade design and craftsmanship as the 300 and 400 series models, this Yamaha model YFL-222 student flute is made of durable nickel silver with an attractive silver-plate finish. They are characterized by excellent response and intonation.


Closed-hole (Plateau) keys allow smoothe and easy playability for beginning musicians.



Undercut and beveled embouchure hole are innovatively designed for accurate intonation, sensitive response, and clean attack

Additional Information

Instrument Type Flute
Model YFL-222
Level Upgraded Student
% Off Retail
Key of C
Body Style Type-1
Body Material Nickel Silver
Plating Silver-plated
Head Joint Nickel Silver / CY Cut
Key System Offset G
Key Material Nickel Silver
Key Types Plateau
Tone Holes Drawn
Pad Material Double bladder
Spring Type Stainless Steel
Screw Type Straight / Headed Pivot
Bumper Material Neoprene
Foot Joint C-Foot
Additional Features Undercut and beveled embouchure hole, double bladder pads, Nickel-silver, power-forged keys, Neoprene key bumpers, Ergonomic key shapes, Strong post design and footjoint marking.
Case Yamaha YAC FLC-180 durable plastic case with handle.
Lease to Own Term Contact us for Lease-to-Own details.
Accessories Included Durable ABS Case, cleaning rod, polishing cloth and name tag.
Warranty 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Price $1,015.00
Lease-to-Own Monthly Price $45.00
Damage Protection (Monthly) $3.00
Retail Price $1,015.00

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