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Developed from the trumpet in the early part of the 15th century, the Tenor Trombone uses a U-shaped slide that performs the same function as the valves of the trumpet and other brass instruments.

The rich and mellow tone of the modern slide trombone has not changed much since its introduction. The mouthpiece of the trombone is larger than that of a trumpet.

It has 9 feet of tubing and seven possible playing positions of the slide, which is made from one tube tightly fitted over another.

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  1. Yamaha Model YSL-354 Standard Tenor Trombone

    Yamaha YSL-354 Upgraded Student Tenor Trombone

    Yamaha Model YSL-354 Upgraded Student Tenor Trombone featuring a chrome-plated yellow brass drawn inner slide that is very durable and has a quick, sensitive response. Learn More
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