Yamaha YEV-105 Silent Electric 5-String Violin

Available in Natual or Black. A brand new silent violin that allows players of every level to silently practice anywhere with an inspired new design and price point.... More details

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The Yamaha YEV-105 Silent Electric Violin is a new kind of electric violin taking its design inspiration from the organic beauty of wood, the simplicity of clean lines, and the comfort of light weight, combined with innovative Yamaha sound to create this gorgeous live-performance instrument. Möbius strip-like shape provides continuity between front and back. Three-dimensional form is designed to appeal to the audience when performing live. The lightweight design, natural touch points and curves allow the player to effortlessly move between the YEV and a standard acoustic violin.

The instrument’s shape allows for most standard shoulder rests, chin rests and tailpieces. The YEV-105 achieves a beautiful, smooth, organic sound aided by the natural resonance of the wood with professional-grade bridge pickup carried over from the Silent Violin Pro series design. While effectively picking up the sound of the entire instrument, it also captures the instrument’s attack and the players’ expressive bowing nuances.

We are now offering an excellent Package Upgrade for your new Yamaha Electric Violin!

This package includes:

  • Patina Graphite Composite bow
  • Everest Shoulder Rest
  • Yamha SV Gig Bag in your choice of Red or Grey!
More Information
Price $797.99
Instrument Type Electric Violin
Model YEV-105
Level Professional
Sizes Available 4/4 (Full Size) / 5-string
Top Material Spruce/Mahogany/Maple
Back Material Walnut
Finish Comes in Natural or Black Finish
Fittings Rosewood fingerboard, ebony pegs and ebony chin rest.
Bridge Maple with built-in Piezo-electric Pickup
Strings D'Addario™ Zyex
Tailpiece Synthetic Resin (equipped with fine tuners)
Chinrest Ebony
Case Instrument only
Bow Instrument only
Accessories Included Instrument only
Warranty 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Retail Price $935.00
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