PSR Shoulder Rest (Violin/Viola)

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The PSR provides a comfortable fit without raising the chin rest too high into the student's neck. The Curve acts as a guide to place the PSR in the correct way. The wider foam in the front goes over the collarbone and helps assist the student with good posture. The PSR will not fall off! It is secured with an ultra thin elastic band made of non-latex synthetic material that easily slides under the end gut. Laminate on the PSR will keep the foam from sliding during performance. Fits conveniently inside the case over the scroll of your instrument. The creative design fits 1/2 - 4/4 size violins as well as 12 - 16 violas.

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Price $10.95
Instrument Family Violin/Viola
Accessory Category Shoulder Rests
SKU SR4610
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Intended Use Shoulder pad for violin and viola
Sizes Available One Size Fits All
Contents PSR Shoulder Rest for Violin/Viola
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Retail Price $10.95
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