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Oasis Hygrometer with Clip

 Oasis Hygrometer with Clip

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What's the average humidity in your guitar's case? If you had the Oasis Digital Hygrometer you'd know precisely! Oasis knows that the number one cause of lackluster performance in acoustic instruments is low or high humidity - it can even damage your instrument if left unchecked in the long term. Just place the Oasis Digital Hygrometer in your guitar case, and you'll know instantly what the humidity in your case is, helping determine when to add a humidifier. Keep your acoustic guitar at top-notch performance, with help from the Oasis Digital Hygrometer!

Additional Information

Instrument Family No
Accessory Category Humidifier
SKU HU2000
Model N/A
% Off Retail %
Intended Use Digital Hygrometer
Sizes Available Various Sizes
Contents Oasis Hygrometer
Warranty N/A
Price $27.00
Retail Price $32.95
Extra Shipping Charges No

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