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John Pearse Swing Swipes

John Pearse Swing Swipes

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John Pearse string swipes extends any metal string life, suspends and removes oxidation, and creates a microscopic protective barrier. Swipe--then wipe with a soft cloth--your strings when you first put them on the instrument and before you play. This leaves a microscopic barrier that protects the strings which feel smoother and will finger faster. Swipe--then wipe--your strings after you (or someone else plays your instrument) to remove any damaging skin oils AND to remove and suspend any oxidation, keeping the strings sounding better, longer! Finally, a defense against 'acid' hands! Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, ozone friendly.

Additional Information

Instrument Family Violin/Viola/Cello/Bass
Accessory Category Cleaner
SKU PL1210
Model N/A
% Off Retail %
Intended Use Cleaner/Polish
Sizes Available Various Sizes
Contents Stretto Humidifier
Warranty N/A
Price $12.30
Retail Price $12.93
Extra Shipping Charges No

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