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We have one of the largest selections of quality, affordable stringed instrument accessories for orchestra and band.

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  1. RDM Wolf Eliminator

    Wolf Eliminator Cello/Bass - RDM

    Wolf tone are a common problem for most Cellos. The addition of the RDM Wolf tone Eliminator to suppress the wolf tone either the C or G string Learn More
  2. Gewa X-Light Carbon Fiber Cello Case

    Gewa "Air" Cello Case--Blue Interior

    INNOVATIVE, LIGHT, SPORTY & ELEGANT!! Specially developed thermoplastic shell with outstanding insulation properties and excellent impact absorption. Velvet BLUE plush interior. Padded suspension system, combination lock with special Gewa locks, hand-made genuine leather handles, accessory pouch, backpack straps. 4/4 only. Learn More
    Free Shipping
  3. Eastman Carbon Fiber Cello Case

    Eastman Carbon Fiber Cello Case

    Hybrid construction has mix of Carbon fiber, and fiberglass materials. This results in a shell that has lower cost than all-carbon cases, but lighter and stronger. Suspension interior padding. With wheels. Two straps for backpacking. Two bow holders. Learn More
    Free Shipping
  4. Eastman Carbon Fiber Violin Case

    Eastman Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fiber Viola Case

    All carbon construction. New slim shape, perfect for any player! Learn More
    Free Shipping
  5. Ideal Stop for Cello

    "Ideal Stop" for Cello

    The Ideal -Stop features a sponge rubber base that provides a very good "grab" on to any surface to prevent slipping. Brass cup holds endpin securely. Learn More
  6. K. Holtz FG Brazilwood Cello Bow

    Samuel Eastman Model 20 Brazilwood Cello Bow

    The Samuel Eastman model 20 Brazilwood Cello Bows are designed for student players who are on a budget, but seek a well-balanced and dependable bow. Learn More
    Free Shipping
  7. Polly Mutes- Brilliante- Cello

    Polly Mutes- Brilliante- Cello

    Brilliante Polly mutes with glittering Swarovski Crystal pieces, available in Red/Black/Clear. Learn More
  8. Hidersol Instrument Cleaner

    Hidersol Instrument Cleaner

    Hidersol Instrument Cleaner Learn More
  9. Wittner Quartz Tuner

    Wittner Quartz Violin Tuner with Pickup

    Wittner Quartz Tuner Learn More
  10. Psarianos Cleaner/Polish

    Psarianos Cleaner/Polish

    Psarianos Cleaner/Polish Learn More

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