Polly Mutes- Brilliante- Cello

Brilliante Polly mutes with glittering Swarovski Crystal pieces, available in Red/Black/Clear.... More details
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These Polly Mute Brilliante Cello Mutes were designed to be versatile, elegant and functional. Boasting a silky tone, easy application and quiet engagement, the Polly Mute is a perfect accessory to any violin, viola, cello or bass.The Polly Mute can be heard on stages around the world as well as hundreds of film and television scores.

The Brilliante Line of Polly Mutes are hand crafted using Swarovski brand crystals, adding of touch of sparkle and elegance to the Polly Mute while still delivering the same quality of sound and functionality as the original.

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Instrument Family Cello
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Intended Use Mute for Cello
Contents Mute for Cello
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