Carbon Fiber Stringed Instruments, Handmade in Germany


mezzo-forte instruments are award-winning, durable, reliable, and sleek— modern instruments with uncompromised quality.

The Instrument Place is a certified retailer of mezzo-forte instruments in the United States. All mezzo-forte instruments come with a certificate of authenticity and a unique serial number for secure identification.

Carbon Fiber Violin

Durable carbon fiber and fingerboards made of injection moulded spruce fiber composite result in a swimmable (yes swimmable), unbreakable (don't try this at home), yet gorgousely rich sounding and strikingly beautiful looking instrument.

$2,500 $2,100



Carbon Fiber Viola

This viola provides a new feeling, a freedom and ease of playing, and a intimate connection to your instrument, never experienced before. As a hybrid, the ANS pickup system enables you to connect to an amplifier anytime, making this the most versatile viola on the market today.

$2,600 $2,500


Carbon Fiber Cello

When playing a mezzo-forte carbon fiber violin or cello for the first time – the reaction is always one of surprise. It’s hard to believe that a material other than wood can sound so good, with incredible warmth, brilliance and projection. It is pure fun and you won’t want to stop playing. And you won’t have to in any weather or climate!

From -20 to 50 °C, from 0 to 100% humidity, you can always rely on your carbon fiber instrument.

$4,950 $4,000



Carbon Fiber String Bass (With Detachable Neck!)

The mezzo-forte Carbon Fiber Basses are at the bleeding edge in instrument design and manufacture. The strong and lightweight carbon makes it the most versatile performance instrument available and sounds as sharp as it looks!

These basses are unique due to their custom "detachable neck" design. The neck simply slides and locks into place and is held on under string tension. Removing the tension allows the neck to be removed for transport and safety.



Playing is believing.

Listen to the Schubert string quartet play using mezzo-forte instruments and be surprised at how beautiful and how easily the music comes out. Find more examples on our product pages.