Maintain Your Flute

To keep your flute in the best condition, please follow these suggestions:


  • Always consult your teacher if you are not sure how to put together your instrument.
  • NEVER force the parts of your instrument together.
  • When assembling the flute only hold the non-keyed parts (the barrel and the bottom of the foot).
  • NEVER use lubrication of any kind.


  • Wipe off your fingerprints after every use. A clean, non-treated cotton cloth will work the best.
  • If you do choose to use a treated polishing cloth be sure that it is for a SILVER finished instrument. Using the wrong cloth could cause scratches.
  • Clean out the moisture from your instrument with an absorbent cloth or swab after every use.
  • Clean the inside of all 3 sections of the flute. Removing the moisture from your flute before putting it away each time will prolong the life of the pads.
  • Always store your instrument in its case with the lid closed when not in use. This will prevent any excess tarnishing and lower the risk of damage.
  • Do not put anything (including sheet music) inside the case with your instrument that does not belong. Closing the case with extra contents can cause damage to the delicate keys.
  • Make sure that all the latches are securely closed before transporting your instrument.